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Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under privat label

Download Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under privat label

“Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under private label” presents the image of an extremely dynamic category with an accelerated growth mostly due to the PL projects developed by the international chains. Different strategies based on launches conveyor belt type, bring to Romanian consumer different items, many of them with high added value. It is a category where the premium products or extra weight per package unit are part of the daily life, the retailers making tests with new recipes or new ways of unique packages.

There is no doubt that the engine for growth of the category is represented by the private labels, and that the role of leadership assumed by some of the retail chains is opening new opportunities. But will all these innovations be a source of inspiration for the Romanian producers? This is a question and the reply will surely come in time, considering the extremely slow reaction of the local companies, contrasting totally with the pace of changing in the market.

“Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under private label” is an extensive work, referring to the entire Romanian market containing all items under private label launched on the market as from July 2011, the items played in form of some ins-outs, within some punctual actions being included. Practically not only the fruit-yogurts are mentioned, but also the drinking yoghurts with fruits and also the yoghurts with fruits and cereal, everything being structured in three large chapters.

Into its first part the work is presenting the entire category of fruit yoghurt in a classification based on private brands and retail chains. It is a benchmark at item level extended to all market players. The retailers strategies are attentively analysed, using SWOT method too, in an attempt to identify all the existing market opportunities.

The second part of the work contains graphics and tables with centralization of all collected data. The most divers criteria was taken into account upon classification of the items, pending the origin/producers, flavor, quantity, packing or price.

The third - the last part, presents all analysed items in detail, each of them having its own sheet, also illustrated by photos. There are practically more than 350 SKU’s, reunited in an impressive collection of data, containing not only the items existing/ active at present, but also those delisted in time. Even those having passed through  changes in the recipe or package were not omitted.


The work “Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under private label” is a complete database, a true radiograph on the evolution of this category during the recent years. There are more than 350 SKU’s under most diverse private labels, presented in detail in nearly 1500 photos. Different approaches and strategies, starting as from entry level and up going till premium, in a clear attempt to differentiate from the competition, definitely an usefull and professional instrument, recommended to all decision makers in retail, but also for those who produce, distribute or import nowadays such products.


Data collection and analysis was made at national level by a Sales Consulting group, a company specialized in retail and in FMCG market analysis, through periodic monitoring of the following retail chains:

  • Hypermarket: Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Kaufland, Real;
  • Supermarket: Billa, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express, Mega Image, Profi and regional chain CBA;
  • Discounter: Lidl, Penny Market;
  • Cash&Carry: Metro; Selgros;


Note: The price is 2,760 lei (VAT included).

The entire analysis is inscribed on DVD, delivery will be made by courier within maximum 48 hours from payment confirmation. For details or firm orders, please contact us at office@brandprivat.ro

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