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The "Carrefour Quality & Origin" lines

20/02/2014 20:31

"Origin & Quality" - the core of our fresh produce offering:

•    87 products, 290 product lines, 20,000 producers, 110,000 t of fresh produce per year.
•    Locally-sourced products, as part of the initiative to prioritize the surrounding region.
•    Quality that is rigorously checked through strict specifications geared towards traceability and taste. Checks made at each stage by an independent body.
•    A sustainable policy: direct relationships with partners that are more than 20 years old.
•    New this year with the signing of three-year contracts for all of the 290 product lines concerned (meat, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables, cheeses, eggs, honey).

"Origin & Quality", environmentally-friendly farming laboratory
Origin & Quality is consistent with a sustainable farming approach, and Carrefour and its partners are developing new farming practices, such as:
•    preserving and enhancing biodiversity: crop rotation, prohibiting the spreading of sludge, avoiding chemical post-harvest treatments on fruit and vegetables, integrated pest control, reducing treatments and developing GMO-free farm product lines
•    high-quality food, through natural suckling of lambs, grazing animals and not using GMOs in particular
•    animal well-being, with the development of antibiotic-free treatments, natural open-air rearing methods, improved transport conditions and less time spent being transported and stunning before slaughter.

"Origin & Quality": New identity for better informing customers
The "Origin & Quality" identity, which gives new impetus to the "Carrefour Quality Line" approach, developed in 1992, fully involves customers. The new packaging used for these fresh products features more information. It accurately describes the three advantages that the product provides:
1.    taste and enjoyment,
2.    extremely fresh healthy products,
3.    strong links with the local community.

"Origin & Quality": launch of 2 new product lines
•    A line of 100% free-range fresh eggs, 100% French and 100% traceable
Eggs from free-range laying hens, reared without antibiotics and fed on French GMO-free (less than 0.9%) cereals and vegetable proteins in the Sarthe and Auvergne regions.
•    Certified-origin vintage honey line
A new "PDO Corsican Honey" line is being launched at the Paris International Agricultural Show, which will result in the production of 3 sorts of honey: Maquis de printemps, Châtaigneraie and Miellats du maquis. This initiative will help safeguard the environment of Corsican bee-keepers - vital if the health of their bees is to be maintained and if the island is to be pollinated.



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