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Profi, partner of the Romanian Post

20/06/2014 11:23

Profi opened in Mangalia. Banal, some would say. The retailer has us accustomed with it's rythm of growth. In addition Mangalia, if we look closely at the market, is the surprise of the last few years. All those who bet on the southern coast city had won. Billa Mangalia is in the top 10 locations Billa, Lidl store remodeled into a new building, built from scratch and now longer extend parking area, and Penny is also a retailer engine numbers. And what?

The novelty brought by Profi is just the location itself. What location was until recently a post office headquarters. It outlines a new model of expansion so mostly retailer is opening its first of its kind. History there. The first store Profi City was opened in a former Romanian Post Office location, in Bucharest. Recently in Constanta, Profi sign another opening, also in a former post office. There are only two examples, but a new spirit confirming the retailer's expansion strategy. It outlines it a win-win model? We think so. Romanian Post is one foot in the grave. Its locations, more in central or traffic areas, are solid buildings, strategic thinking. Mosaic tiled floors, solid structure, generous airy. Profi's offer comes at a time so the post is facing a shortage of liquidity. Many locations are closed or restricted to the minimum necessary. Solution found by Profi managers with those of the Romanian Post seems to be both, oxygen balloon companies need. Mail solve their (partial) problems while Profi has an important (and cheap) lever, on which can base future development.

ec. Florin Frasineanu


Note brandprivat.ro - On our Facebook page you can see some pics from the first Profi City store, opened last year in a post office, in Bucharest (here).


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