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Napolact attack BIO segment

27/04/2015 09:04

"Ecologically pure milk from „hart of Transylvania”. A high quality milk collected only from carefully selected farms, which retains all the qualities gifted by nature ".

So, Napolact company promotes its products launched under the umbrella of the new line Napolact BIO. We find therefore same traceability "pure milk of the hart of Transylvania" in upper level, just by selecting farms able to provide a raw material with high added value at European organic farming standards.


Two variants of BIO milk with 1.5% and 3.5% fat, packed in PET 1,1l (!), Drinking yoghurt BIO 2.8% fat, 330g and 900g PET packaging; BIO kefir 3.5% fat, pet 330g; BIO sana 3.5% fat, pet 330g and also natural BIO yoghurt, 3.8% fat, the plastic glass of 140g and 300g respectively. This assortment is developed by the company under its new brand Napolact Napolact Bio and was already listed in major retail chains.


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