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Milka temporarily gives up the famous cow lilac-colored

The days of the famous purple cake are counted. Instead, Milka's chocolates will be presented with real cows, in a limited edition that will be launched in Germany in the first part of next year. At least this is the information provided by the German press. But the marketing campaign is enveloped in secret. Mondelez company did not provide details and the few information that exists in the market are contradictory. There is already talk about five* cows on the Internet, but the number is not nailed.

Hundreds of kilometers away, on the banks of Dambovita, things are even more complicated. The limited edition that the German press announces for January 2020 is already in Romanian stores. But the surprises do not stop here. The five assortments of Milka chocolate have for the first time personalized packaging entirely exclusively for the Romanian market. Does Romania have priority over Germany? Hard to believe. It is possible that we are facing tests developed for several countries. Arguments for this scenario would be at least two: (1) Katja's cow did not arrive in Romania. Instead we have Arianne, present on Milka's chocolate packaging with whole hazelnuts. (2) The recipes are also different. For Romania, Lola is the image of chocolate with Oreo cookies while in Germany it appears on the packaging of milk chocolate. Marisa promotes for us strawberry-flavored chocolate while in Germany it is the image of chocolate noisette. And one last detail: in Romania, the limited edition already benefits from theatricalization in stores but also, surprise! one outdoor support campaign.


Brandprivat.ro note - In the German edition, the five cows are called Gerda (milk chocolate), Katja (happy cows), Lola (milk chocolate, aerated), Marisa (chocolate noisette) and Moocha (chocolate with peanuts). In the Romanian version we have: Arianne (chocolate with hazelnuts), Gerda (Alpine milk), Lola (chocolate with Oreo cookies), Marisa (chocolate with strawberry-flavored cream) and Moocha (chocolate with whole hazelnuts).






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