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Maestro Horia Virlan cooks with private brands products 

30/03/2012 10:58

Undoubtedly maestro Horia Virlan is the man of the moment. Appeared in our life with a huge cherry on a cake, expert Horia Virlan is everywhere. We find his smiling face in the brochures or on the doors of the big stores, on outdoor panels or in different magazines. Between two photo or filming sessions, the master is thinking about us and thoughtfully recommends us how and what to cook or what tools to use in the kitchen.

With such a busy agenda any meeting with Master Horia Virlan in everyday life, can only be a pleasant surprise. We had such a special occasion at Metro Expo 2012 fair organized by Metro Cash & Carry Romania at Romexpo. Maestro Horia Virlan took a break from his daily activities and for five days tirelessly explained and presented in front of thousands of visitors different recipes of Romanian and international cuisine. In all its culinary demonstrations, sustained with a rarely seen energy, master used only products under Metro private brands. The proof of the successful recipes was given in the end by dozens of visitors who stood in line for several minutes in order to taste the goodies created by the maestro.

You will find an album with pictures from Metro Expo 2012 on our Facebook page.

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