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Lidl changes the supplier of Pilos fresh milk for the third time

10/05/2012 10:42

A few months after breaking the co-operation with Albalact and transfer of the fresh milk production under brand Pilos to Carmolact, Lidl again changes the supplier. This time their decision is a radical one since the production was moved to Poland. Surely the retailer's decision was not due to price of production since they kept in the assortment other two local suppliers listed on March.

After starting with Carmolact the co-operation for the two items of fresh milk in Tetra Pak (1.5% and 3.5% fat), the retailer tried to secure the category by listing two new items under their own private brand Pilos, each being produced by another Romanian producer. Thus, in the Lidl assortment appeared fresh milk 1.5% fat in 1 l bag, produced in Suceava by Coza Rux, next to a PET package of 1l, also 1.5%fat, produced by Ecolact Prod Paulesti. The transfer of the production to Poland brings, along with changing of the package, a few changes in the recipe of the item. We get now a milk pasteurized with more fat, 2% fat compared with 1.5% before, and with much greater validity, over passing 20 days. Anyway, the retailer preventively eliminated the word "fresh" from the front label. Seen from outside, Lidl decision is, as we said before, a radical one. At the same time it can be for the Romanian producers a theme of thinking  on the way of approaching some of items of volume, in co-operation with a discounter. Because in the end, put into figures, the two items transferred to Poland, means losing a contract of over 5 million liters yearly, with over 2 million euro value.


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