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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label

17/11/2011 06:57

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international NGO created in 1993, which elaborates standards and grants certificates confirming the responsible exploitation of forests. FSC certified products offer the guarantee that they comes from forests that were exploited respecting social​​, economic and environmental  values which are specific for sustainable development.

One fourth of Romania's surface is covered by forest. That means over 6 million hectares, which the World Wildlife Foundation considers to be among the most important 200 bioregions in the world. Currently almost one million hectares of Romania forest area is certified FSC.



Why is FSC certification important?
FSC label guarantees consumers that the products purchased by them were obtained protecting the forests and wildlife, respecting local communities, workers and their means of living. But standards for obtaining a FSC certification are extremely rigorous. For this a CoC (Chain of custody) certificate is required. This certifies that a company that uses wood in manufacturing its products keeps a strict and clear record of the origin of raw material so that wood from FSC certified forests is not mixed with uncertified wood from other forests. Without a CoC certificate, a company (either from furniture or paper industry) can not apply the FSC label on its products.


In Romania FSC certification was awarded to a single company in the wood industry.

Maybe that's why each product found in our stores with FSC label can only be a pleasant surprise. Especially when it comes to a private brand.


FSC Products in Mega Image network

Mega Image has three FSC labeled items under its brands Care and Delhaize Eco. There are three types of hygienic handkerchiefs made of 100% recycled paper:

  • Care Colored hygienic handkerchiefs, 3 layers - box 90pcs
  • Care Hygienic handkerchiefs with protective conditioner, 3 layers - box 90pcs
  • Delhaize Eco Hygienic handkerchiefs, 2 layers - box 150pcs

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