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First co-branded promotion from Coca Cola with a private brand    

19/03/2012 06:36

Coca Cola, the worldwide leader and one of the most powerful brands launched a first co-branded promotion with a private brand. The miracle, because we can't consider otherwise, happened this weekend in Metro chain. The promo had a simple mechanism with a limited quantity  of products under Fine Food private brand.

For every box of Coca Cola 2l, the clients can get 2 packs of Fine Food Spaghetti 200g. This promo was also a first event for the Fine Food private brand. The package was a type of limited edition, with a small advertise on the main label for Coca Cola and also with Coke's logo: "meals with Coca Cola are more tasty".

For the Fine Food brand this type of cross promotion is not the first event. They had also in the past, but never with a giant like Coca Cola. This promo shows us the importance of this private brand in Metro's long term strategy.



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