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Chicken Products for cooking - A new line of refrigerated products under 365 brand

22/06/2012 09:55

Mega Image extends its assortment by launching a new line of refrigerated products from chicken meat. Chicken drumsticks with skin and bones, chicken breast, chicken thighs or wings are just some of the items present on the shelves under the 365 new line Chicken products for cooking. Being of domestic production and packed in casseroles, new products bring added value to 365 brand through their premium image. Prior to this launching the existing assortment of refrigerated chicken products in Mega Image stores contained only one item: griller chicken under 365 brand.

To what extent have private brands exploited the opportunities of a category that is growing and what are pressures raised by these on producers, are just two of the questions for which we will try to find answers on Tuesday 26th of June, in a brandprivat.ro analysis on refrigerated chicken products category. 

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