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Billa Cake with walnuts and cranberries

20/06/2014 12:40

Knowing how to sell is an art. An art that few have. This is the conclusion we reach on one of the last launches Billa. A cake with walnuts and cranberries, under premium brand, "Made in Romania, with care and respect for Tradition." Tradition word written with a capital letter seems to put us in the fog. Cranberries in the Romanian tradition and still a nut cake? Well yes. On one condition. Know how to "packaged" information. We read and convince ourselves "hand braided cake as a nostalgic blend of past and present with modern possibilities."

Going over the „poetry" moment, we can say only this: the cake is fluffy and good. Even very good, which explains somehow and price positioning. In a word, quality.



Note brandprivat.ro - Billa Cake with nuts and cranberries 600g is part of a recently launched line, under retailer's premium private label. Along with this article, there is a second one, but only in the version with walnuts. Simultaneously, also under Billa private label were launched two 300g loaf recipes, products also in Romania.

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