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Auchan put pressure on Romanian manufacturers of canned food products

27/07/2015 09:17

Auchan most recent launching, a true show of force by means of the small prices  applied, bring to Romanian consumers a few receips of food prepared in Hexagon under the retailer’s mainstream brand. How are such prices possible for products transported distances of thousands of km? On one hand there is the undeniable force of negociation of an international network. It is a force able to put a pressure without mercy on the manufacturing companies whatever their country of origin. On the other hand there is still to be considered the highly advanced manufacturing technology which the French companies have reached.

As expected, the launching is generating blast waves on both horizontaly, by direct reporting to competing products, as well as vertically, climbing slowly but surely in the upstream, towards local large companies. A comparison of prices would blow up into derisory  the Romanian products. It is hard to believe that a change in the strategy will be noticed as long as a piece of canned ravioli with beef (French origin) came to less than the classic receipe of beans and bacon, also being to almost 30% of the selling price of a can with Romanian stuffed cabbage rolls (sarmale).

The line of cans launched by Auchan under their mainstream brand contains the following food products:

  • Auchan Potatoes (French origin) 425 g - price 3.00 lei
  • Auchan Cannelloni with beef (French origin) 400g    - price 3.00 lei
  • Auchan Ravioli with beef (French origin) 400g - price 3.47 lei
  • Auchan Ravioli with vegetables 400g - price 3.47 lei
  • Auchan Beef Dumplings in sauced 400g - price 3.00 lei

To be mentioned that these are shelf prices, 9% VAT included. Expiry date of validity is on all products towards end of 2017.


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