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What program do you think modern retail will have during the National Day of Romania?

  • Normal program
  • They will be closed
  • I don't know
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Romania UHT milk market

Extremely dynamic, the UHT milk national market is under permanent pressure of the imports. The milk produced in the neighbouring countries is knocking down the price barrier, making any reaction from the Romanian producers almost impossible. On the private labels segment, the battle seems to be definitely won by the imports, read more

Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under privat label

“Romania - Fruit yoghurt market under private label” presents the image of an extremely dynamic category with an accelerated growth mostly due to the PL projects developed by the international chains. Different strategies based on launches conveyor belt type, bring to Romanian consumer different items, many of them with high added value. It is a category where read more

Trends and innovations on Romanian market of private brands

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