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Quo vadis, Domine?

Quo vadis, Domine?

The rhetorical question that Saint Peter addresses Jesus, whom he met when he leaves Rome, today shouldn't be a concern for the people who wants to do their ordinary shopping. Retailers are watching over them even when they leave on vacation. Any indecision regarding which way to take is quickly conducted by the read more
May the condoms be with you!

May the condoms be with you!

The Italian designer Benedetto Papi has created the new concept for a condoms line. Named "May the condoms be with you" the new line us the theme from Star Wars movies. The packages are with Star Wars heros and also with logos like "I don't like clones", Do or do not. There is no try" or the famous "May The Force Be With You".    read more
The stores with the lowest prices

The stores with the lowest prices

Have you ever asked yourself wherefrom is Easter Bunny buying the thousands of gifts he is leaving at the doors of good children on Eastern eve? His supplying time is limited and the requirement extremely diverse. Consequently Easter Bunny is shopping night-time only, when the people is sleeping. Or almost all the people... read more
Five Corner a store cheaper than...

Five Corner a store cheaper than...

A few months ago in a small town in southern Egypt, I was surprised to find a proximity store with a particular offer. The outside panel containing its name was assuring everybody to enter the store that its products are cheaper than the ones from Penny Market, Spar, Plus, Mix Markt and Magnit. Curious about these, I tried to find out how read more
Retail smile

Retail smile!  

Today we are inaugurating a new heading. With this section we are trying to bring you a smile and to offer you a brief moment of relaxation. Sometimes the extremely thrilling rhythm to which we daily obey consciously by our own choice it's kind of demanding such a well deserved moment. A smile has never harmed anybody and further read more
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