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Italian cheese in top of retailers preference

Italian cheese in top of retailers' preference

More and more retail networks include Italian cheese in their assortment. Many of these traditional recipes, protected through geographic origin denominations, are making the  gourmets' relish and are to be found on chefs' lists as main ingredients to complete their meals. The Parmezan, Parmegiano Reggiano, Grana Padano or Pecorino cheese are on the list of private brand projects read more
Fair Trade, a logo nearly unknown to Romanian consumers

Fair Trade, a logo nearly unknown to Romanian consumers

Conceived during ‘60th as an alternative step to combat poverty and social injustice, Fair Trade movement is mainly dealing with assurance of access of the small producers in the Third World countries to the global market, on conditions of some practices able to assure a fair price to their products. At global level, the World Organization of the Fair Trade represents a network of read more
Yogurt bifidus remains a niche product

Yogurt bifidus remains a niche product

The yogurt bifidus, included in the category of probiotic yogurts, contains into its recipe bifidobacteria along with the two essential bacteria (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococus  termophilus). The quality of the finished product, determined by the number of bifidobacteria, requires the presence of at least read more

Food flavors under Delhaize brand

The category of food flavors is seldom taken into consideration by retailers in developing private brands. In this case there is no fidelity of customers for a particular brand and neither a market leader with a majority share. The low level of innovation behind the products made ​​them accessible also for small producers who included these in their assortment. Retailers being reluctant is read more

Frozen products, a new opportunity for traditional brands

Traditional products category is an opportunity for retail chains. Either by taking over some recipes for traditional products or by developing their own lines, retailers fully used opportunities created by the market. 2010 was a banner year that culminated with the launch of three traditional products lines by the same number of retail chains. Items were among the most diverse read more

Clever cake filled with milk

Billa launched two new products in the category of cakes filled with milk: Clever Milk snack with cocoa glaze 30g Clever Milk snack with honey 28g   We encountered a particular approach for Milk snack with honey category: Billa chose to sale it in multipacks of 5pcs.   This category of cakes with milk filling became highly appreciated by children, being almost read more

Balsamic vinegar of Modena

Balsamic vinegar of Modena is one of Italy's main export products. Its production in Modena area dates from the Middle Ages, according to some documents from 1046. The traditional recipe, Aceto Balsamico di Modena is today under the designation of protected geographical origin, being under the jurisdiction of Italian law and also under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Currently read more

Zacusca started to boil

Last year, in a symposium on the theme of private brands, I was drawing the attention to market opportunities in the category of zacusca (very popular Romanian dish made of eggplants and tomatoes). The product had benefit of generous spaces on the shelves, but also had a special place in Romanians preferences. The offer at that time had over 50 articles belonging to read more

Auchan chocolate: limited edition

Launching "limited edition products" become strategy for some retailers. The recipe is 100% sure. For a limited period of time there are additional volumes, more space on the shelfs and of course better image in stores. Last but not least "limited edition" can be an oxygen ballon for market share. International companies like Tuborg, Pepsi, Kraft or Tnuva launch frequently limited editions for read more

New Clever products in the category of fruits and vegetables

After launching in spring the oranges in packages of 2kg under his own private brand Clever, Billa introduces now three new articles in the fruits and vegetables category: Clever - Potatoes 3kg, country of origin is Romania. Clever - Onion 2kg, country of origin is Romania. Clever - Apples 2kg, country of origin is Austria. All products are provided by Interfruct S.R.L.   While in case of apples the read more
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