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What program do you think modern retail will have during the National Day of Romania?

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Auchan chocolate: limited edition

Launching "limited edition products" become strategy for some retailers. The recipe is 100% sure. For a limited period of time there are additional volumes, more space on the shelfs and of course better image in stores. Last but not least "limited edition" can be an oxygen ballon for market share. International companies like Tuborg, Pepsi, Kraft or Tnuva launch frequently limited editions for read more

Frozen semi-cooked chicken meat under Carrefour brand

Modern and dynamic, with an alert lifestyle and with less and less spare time, but carefully with what he eats. That could translate into few words the type of consumer for which frozen semi-cooked products can be the ideal solution. Who does not want a tasty lunch or dinner, quickly prepared and with reduced costs? It is precisely the type of read more

Milblu replaces Viam brand

Kaufland had launched a new brand for dairy products range: Milblu. Developed under the "umbrella" of the general brand KClassic, Milblu replaces the old brand Viam. The replacement - as the retailer website indicates - aims to extend the diversity of KClassic products and, last but not least, to ensure high quality, but also best quality/price ratio. For some products under read more

Taste of Inspirations: a range heading to premium

Cardboard box wrapped in plastic, sober colors on a black background, window for viewing the product, elegance and refinement, in a word, a premium brand. And all of these are for 250 grams of pastas with egg. Launched on East Coast of the United States as a brand belonging to Hannaford, "Inspirations" had suffered a rebranding process becoming "Taste of Inspiration". The range - part read more

New Clever products in the category of fruits and vegetables

After launching in spring the oranges in packages of 2kg under his own private brand Clever, Billa introduces now three new articles in the fruits and vegetables category: Clever - Potatoes 3kg, country of origin is Romania. Clever - Onion 2kg, country of origin is Romania. Clever - Apples 2kg, country of origin is Austria. All products are provided by Interfruct S.R.L.   While in case of apples the read more

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